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By using BG Planet Gaming Site you agree to the following guidelines:

You will not use the BG Planet to post any material, which is knowingly false, and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, material of a sexual matter, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise unlawful.

Personal attacks or provoking of other members is strictly forbidden.

An impersonation of other forum members or other people in general is forbidden.

Complaints and constructive criticism aimed at the administrators (Admin/s)/moderators (mod/s), are allowed and welcomed. Topics violating one or more of the above guidelines however are subject to administrator/mod actions/sanctions.

Do not abuse emoticons/smilies

Profane user names will be deleted without notice.

Do not use copyrighted words/names as usernames, they will be also be deleted without notice.

Take into account that this is an international site, private, based in the UK, and belonging to Gareth Luckett and Bruce Mitchell. Take into account that other countries may have a different view on certain things, especially politics. Rational discussion of such subjects only please.

If you get abusive PM's please forward them to admin or a moderator

Please note that this is a private site and that what happens on this site is governed by Gareth Luckett (The Webmaster) and if you argue with the webmasters decisions administrator/moderator actions will come into effect. However, Gareth will hear you out before taking punitive actions.

Ganging up on members/mods is strictly forbidden.

If there is a problem with a moderator and/or a member it will be dealt privately in the moderator chat room, between the member/mod/admin (s) involved, along with a mediator, likely to be a different admin, to discuss and deal with any problems.

Administrators/Moderators/Hosts actions/sanctions

The administrators/mods of this board reserve the right to close any forum without prior notice or take any administrator/mods action as described below without explanation.

The administrators/hosts have the right to move, close or delete any topics, and to edit or delete individual posts, as they deem appropriate, without further explanation. The administrators/hosts are encouraged to leave a message when moderator actions are taken, but this is not mandatory.

Admins/mods do not have to give reasons for their actions.

Admins/mods have the right to ban any member, on a temporary or permanent basis, for any violation of the above rules.

Members demanding explanations for admin/mod actions will not get one, topics containing such material will be closed, rules will be quoted and a warning given to said member.

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